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Introduction to our preschool

What is Tender Learning Care?

Tender Learning Care is a privately owned, tuition funded preschool and childcare program, licensed by the state of California. The goal of Tender Learning Care is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children, giving each child individual attention, affection, comfort, understanding and opportunities for learning in an environment free from frustration and pressure. Children leave Tender Learning Care with an outstanding foundation for excelling in the public schools. As co-owner with her husband John and director of Tender Learning Care at Stonegate, Shirley Huddleson brings twenty years of experience as a public school teacher, including 13 years in Davis schools, and over 32 years as a preschool owner and director, as well as many unique Davis experiences to our clients. Shirley has a lifetime teaching credential for California public schools and in addition to being a charter member of Delta Kappa Gamma, an international honor society for outstanding teachers, Shirley helped the Davis community  
re-open Fairfield School, a "one room" school. Under Shirley’s guidance, Fairfield School became a successful, well recognized asset to the Davis School District. Shirley has personally screened our highly qualified staff, which includes certified public school teachers, preschool teachers and teachers' assistants. All of our teachers are cleared through the California Department of Justice and all have received CPR and first-aid training. Two of our teachers are also members of the Delta Kappa Gamma honor society: Jennifer, who has been with us for over 14 years  (since May of 1999) and Usha, who joined us over 12 years ago, in January of 2000. TLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or special needs. Children with special needs are accepted by the school based on our capability to provide support beneficial to the child; we are very happy to enroll children with special needs and are experienced in their care. TLC accepts children from two years old through school age.
Where children grow in confidence through REAL accomplishment