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We hope you are enjoying our new web page. Parents have their own password protected page, located in the “Gallery” tab above. Be sure to get the password from our teachers and “check in” to see pictures and videos of activities that your children are enjoying.

Blue Room

The children are having a lot of fun with the new “Buzz Lightyear” cars. In the mornings, while it’s cool, they love to ride them back and forth on the patio deck.

Coral Room

This month we are learning the history of our country; we learned that 237 years ago we fought for and won our independence from England. We are also discussing our flag and what the stars and stripes represent. We are learning patriotic songs, such as: “Yankee Doodle:, “Grand Old Flag” and “This Land is Your Land”. We also discuss the terms “country”, State” and “city”, using our home in Davis as a concrete example of community structure. The children are continuing to work on the alphabet; we spend two weeks on each letter, working on recognition, sounds and writing. We play letter games; the children are learning so much and having fun doing it. This month we are working on letters “S”, “T”, and “V” (we learned the vowels first).


Do you remember being a young child and learning the alphabet song? At the time, you probably thought it was just a happy little song. Later, the song helped you to recite the letters of our language, in alphabetical order. You use that skill every time you turn to a library, dictionary or phone book. Your child will be learning songs about reading and math that will be helpful for years; music stays with us for a long time. The kindergarten children will be learning about the vowels first; they will spend two weeks on each vowel sound. After the vowels, kindergarten kids will be learning the consonant sounds. Reading rules will be taught while the children are learning about vowels and consonants. You might be surprised early in the kindergarten year, when your child comes home with a word family and can read the word list to you. It is even more amazing when your child can tell you the rules that make the words’ sounds. The children will be reading from a variety of materials, including little “books” about themselves. In math we will work on counting, number recognition and corresponding quantity, writing numbers, playing number bingo games and singing songs about numbers. Addition and subtraction are introduced through singing games. These concepts are “slipped in” as we sing songs about children, animals and other things that begin with a given letter. Children who complete the TLC kindergarten program typically are recognized in first grade as high achievers and are at the top of their class. The solid core of education they get from TLC remains with them, giving them the necessary confidence and background to do well throughout their school careers; by the time they reach 3rd grade, most of the children who were educated in our kindergarten have received recognition as exceptional students. Be sure to check the note posted outside the door each day, describing what the kindergarten children are doing.


HOT! We’ve been spending more time outside in the morning and ALL afternoon inside. The children have been enjoying celebrating the birth of our Nation. Kindergarten will start soon! the end of August is not far away.