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My Home Built

Recumbent Tandem

"Silk Road"

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Seat frames, half-inch electrical conduit - - Gearing, low/high Range Transfer

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Mom's 80 and loves to ride the tandem! - - It fits a standard Yakima Tandem rack

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View looking at the front of the bike - - View from the rear

[Bike Picture]

Side View

"Michael Built a Bicycle"
by Jack Prelutsky

Michael built a bicycle
unsuitable for speed,
it's crammed with more accessories
than anyone could need,
there's an AM-FM radio,
a deck to play cassettes,
a refrigerator-freezer,
and a pair of TV sets.

For the rest of this great little poem (including its very clever "punch-line"), see:
Fisher Price Little People Big Book
"About Imagination"
Time-Life Books 1989

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